Georgia..not so peach-y


..and to your left- a very shoaled in spot to avoid

Blame it on the weather, or not. Can’t say we thought too much of the lower 2/3 of Georgia.  Except for one semi-decent day spent on St Simon’s, we had lousy, rainy, T-storm weather from Monday when we left Fernandina, through Thursday, we had lousy weather. Friday, while sunny, was windy and chilly- by 11am the temp was still barely 60. Well, hey we’ve gotten used to 75 plus and I’ll bet you our blood has thinned!
The ICW winds its way through Georgia by means of rivers, creeks and a few cuts created special to ensure rapt attention is paid by captain and crew. We saw very few boats in Georgia; most monohulls chose to do an outside run because so many sections of the ICW are too shallow at or near low tide for them to pass. We paid close attention- I think the name is DAD- depth attention disorder and deep draft boat or not, one can’t help but be cautious. Ten hour days pass quickly this way; always something to do.  The one nice thing about GA is a lack of bridges; a few 65′ and two opening ones in the entire state along the ICW. No complaints with that.
If you look at “Click to See Full Map” over toward the right, then click the Google Map,(valid on our old blog) you can zoom in and out and see just how the ICW (and our path) winds back and forth, mostly close to the shoreline.  The marshes are pretty and stretch for miles it seems. Boats in the distance look as though they are floating on the grass tops.
Friday, (Day 174) April 1, and hopeful for no jokes; the wind is misbehaving enough unfortunately. Enjoyed a shorter and much nicer travel day, passing by Moon River- yes THE Moon River and did not have such a bad case of DAD.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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