Getting Ready for the Holidays

Getting ready for Christmas looks a little different in Miami Beach!
“everything but snow”- that’s the theme here. We’ve got the tunes, the tree (albeit fake & small -well, tiny) and the stockings hung from inside the rooftop with great care. The meals are planned; ones that are not too unlike the ones we’ve enjoyed each holiday. The cookies will be baked shortly and Santa will surely find his way (and his jolly round belly self) down our chimney, also known as the helm seat hatch.
South beach Holiday 2010 Most boats are not decorated much, but some have lights attached on each side of the boat and hoisted up via the main halyard. With the white anchor light at top, it looks like a tree outline. Around Miami, for us that’s been Coconut Grove and South Beach, the street decorations are just about noticeable- nothing overdone. Can’t say the same for the music we hear many nights.
We moved up to- oh did you catch that? Up? For the first time on this trip south, we traveled north- about 7 miles. Needed to be closer to a Publix, so we moved to the Belle Island South anchorage which is just off South Beach. Much like “Christmas in the Caribbean”, it’s got everything but a pump out boat! The nearest Publix is housed in an Art Deco style building with its own parking garage and carts that lock up if taken away from the premises. The Fresh Market is coming to town in Spring 2011, one block away from Publix and we are delighted with that event. Whole Foods is almost one mile away and we’ll walk there for the exercise and pick up a few holiday treats.

Publix: Art Deco Style in Miami Beach

Florida is extremely boater friendly and you find parks, boat ramps, dinghy docks and water faucets all over the place. Makes getting the basics fairly easy.
In this particular spot, we are quite close to land and have a lovely view of high-rise apartments on two sides. On another is the main channel into Miami where the cruise ships dock. Tonight, we watched 4 leave- so slow and steady. The McArthur Causeway blocks the view somewhat, which is a good thing.
Fortunately, they arrive in silence at some very dark early hour. When two or more cruise ships are docked, other boats can not use the main channel and if you are not paying attention, the police or Coast Guard will be happy to inform you of such restriction. The southern, Fisherman’s Channel must be used, which adds to the joy of making your way in or out.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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