Made it to Miami!

We are here on day 60! In one 60+ mile “outside” trip, we’ve made it to Miami!  We got up at dawn to clear the Lake Worth inlet (waiting for a cruise ship to pull thru from the Bahamas first) & had a fantastic 8+ knot sail for … 3 hours, then the wind died & we were sadly motoring to Miami for the next 7 hours. Could have been worse though, the lack of wind meant very calm seas and boy you wouldn’t know that you were in the Atlantic ocean. Well, ok very less-than-three-mile coastal waters, but hey it counts. Only one dolphin sighting, but it was a family of three and we did get one decent shot.

Think I need a better camera

We are anchored in Marine Stadium- yes that would be a water stadium. Long unused, it appears to be manmade and on land there’s a grandstand sadly overlooking the water. Our view is pictured above; the Miami waterfront and while more impressive than shown in the photo, still, it’s a city and well, we’ve gotten used to creeks and tidy mooring fields.

Miami skyline- a bit dreary

Rain and wind will keep us here until Friday morning and then we’ll make a beeline for Dinner Key Marina and one of their mooring balls for a weekend stay. Benj, we’re just about ready for you! Two weeks and Miami airport here we come. Watching planes approach, but not taking off- maybe we won’t be awakened too early.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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