St. Augustine: Florida at last!

St. Augustine mooring field is very large

Arrived in St. Augustine, with the Spanairds close on our tail. Well, not exactly but back in 1565 it could have happened. St. Augustine is loaded with history and of course the famous Castillo de San Marcos. Constructed on the west bank of the Matanzas River ( part of the ICW) it was designed to hold 1,500 people.
After our off-the-ICW overnight trip from Savannah to the St John’s River inlet (Jacksonville is 20 miles up-river) we spent the night in another creek with several other boats and a pair of very hungry pelicans. They dove for fish so frequently that I had no trouble taking a picture, except the camera is so slow (or maybe it’s me) that out of 10 shots, 9 were great ones of the splash made as they dove in. Similar results photographing the dolphins.
This morning we made a short two hour trip into St. Augustine and picked up our first mooring of the trip in their brand new mooring field.
The weather is noticeably warmer – finally- and even at night the temperature doesn’t dip as much as it had even as far south as South Carolina.  Not sure about Georgia; we skipped right by it by traveling in the Atlantic from SC to FL.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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