Success! We Leave on Schedule

S/V Ortolan log date: today 10/10/10, time 10:10 am.

Group sendoff Oct 10 2010
The requisite group photo

A beautiful warm day greeted us as did our early rising friends and family.
Popped the cork on a bottle of Prosceco at 10:10am- much thanks to Jack and Kerry in CA ( who we later found out WERE up at 7:10 their time to be with us in spirit).
Lines cast off around 11am, headed down the CT River only to be greeted by strong winds (excess 20kts) and very choppy 3-4ft seas. Worse than Day 1 of our trip down from Maine… memories linger of seasickness… we called it a very short day and headed in to Westbrook. Enjoyed a free stay at Brewer’s Pilots Point in a huge slip, safe from the ugly LIS. Much thanks to Linda for dinner (and the group photo) and to Norm for the very drinkable Champagne.
Tomorrow is another day and the forecast is perfect. We’ll take it.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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