Our first sail

Happily Attached

well, not our first EVER, but darn close. Truly amazing; I think we will actually get the hang of wind power and really love it!
For this trip we had a designated crew member in Kurt, the electrical guy for Maine Cat and an experienced sailor.  Arrived Friday May 21 and found Ortolan tied up to CrackerJack, the P-47 power cat that was launched the week after us.
We found Kurt looking puzzled at the new Garmin chartplotter; could it be that Garmin purposely designed it with water as dark brown and land as blue??
Buoy colors reversed too. We shook our heads and after investigation AND checking the manual to no avail, we agreed Kurt would have to contact Garmin.
From that point on it was smooth sailing; systems check, one test sail where we definitely learned a lot and we felt confident to sail on our own the next day.
The winds were light to moderate both days and that was ideal for our purposes. We had our Defender stocking order sent up ahead to the factory and the above photo of Russ shows how easily one can be safe and stylish too!

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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