The Captain’s Twin

We each have one; somewhere on the planet lives another person who looks so much like us that it feels odd if you happen to know or know of the other person. We stopped at Melbourne Beach for lunch and to raid the market that we love so much. On our way back, as we walked down the pier to Ms Bunting, we paused for a “how’s the fishing?” chat with a couple of local men. As we walked away one guy yells out, “hey, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Anthony Bourdain?” Fairly certain that comment was not directed at me, we replied that yes, we’ve heard that many times. Back aboard Russ checks the guy out- again. This time we learn that the Captain and Mr Crude, Vulgar & Sarcastic share not only similar looks but the same year of birth. That’s where the similarities end though.

The captain on his birthday

The captain on his birthday

Anthony Bourdain- what may be a fairly recent photo

Anthony Bourdain- what may be a fairly recent photo

I found my twin in college. People would approach me and say, “oh, I thought you were so-and-so.” And vice-versa. (I can’t recall her name- oh I wonder if we’d look similar now? Scary thought.) With the same height, build, hair style and color we looked enough alike to have pulled an identity stunt if either of us had thought of it.

Anyone else out there “found” their twin?