Our first look-see

Our long-awaited Maine Cat factory visit exceeded expectations. The dinghy did not fall off the car, the weather was beautiful, the B&B delightful and Dick welcomed us to a clean and busy operation where our boat was front and center.
We got to see the guts of hull 21, with plenty of wiring behind the scenes that will be covered up by lockers, bookcases and equipment. We measured for lettering, rugs and dinette cushions, with our son providing sketches for future reference.
Two very impressive P-47s were under construction next to us; no- not even tempted, although they are beautiful and loaded with every comfort.
Our trip home was eventful. We stopped to collect a few birch logs to enhance our fireplace as the house was going on the market in two weeks; detoured to Boothbay for lunch and a view, then 20 mins from home our car broke down. Any surprise that the male reaction differed considerably from the female?
Managed to get to a service garage and called a taxi. Still wonder what the mechanics thought about the birch logs in the car.

Maine Cat factory

Inside cockpit, looking forward

A new name… Ortolan

Historical Naming Inspiration

Hey- Captain Russ here:

Our name, The Pearl, only lasted one day.  Looking thru old genealogy notes which my father had spent over ten years researching, I found what I was looking for.  An amazing tale of a relative who back in 1849, set out from Maine & headed to California, encountering all sort of hardships including being chased by pirates!  The name of the schooner was Ortolan & will live on again.