Winds of Change …

Selling our beloved PDQ powercat?

Lori washes sheets in a bucket while Russ paddleboards about the harbour chasing the turtles …. What … not fair??

Rainbow over George Town Harbour

Moonrise over Rolle Cay – our semi-private anchorage (could be the 4′ of depth)

We surprised our friends Cort & Giff with T-shirts & bags based on Cort’s T-shirt design from last year (a former cruiser, he built a house on Stocking Island a few years ago)

Nothing better than a live concert by fellow cruisers attended by dinghy!

Hate to eat & run …

Can’t leave George Town without cleaning the bottom – much easier when you can just stand up next to your boat!

After only 3 weeks, we are heading back very early to Florida…. if we sell our PDQ, what is next??



5 thoughts on “Winds of Change …

  1. « Cause the time, their are changing » old folk song…
    Woh! What a news! What a new cross-road! That’s real adventure. Captain Kirk would say: « Spok, what do I want to say? Where are we going? « 
    Discovery of something new.
    You were writhing a few months ago « Are we still doing this! » speaking of re-crossing the Gulf Stream not «Back  to the USA » but straight to George Town.
    We are with you in our harts.
    Happy trails my good boat friends

    Carole and Jean, Apollo ll Hybrid


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