Hurricane Nicole

Our two days of prep paid off with zero issues.  The highest winds in Vero hit 60 MPH, with almost 70 MPH nearby.  At our marina, the highest gust was likely closer to 50 MPH.  We missed some of the heaviest rainfall as well, so it was easy & safe to walk around to check on lines, etc. At 2:45 AM the wind & rain completely stopped, as the eye went right over us. Our neighbor looked up & saw stars – I forgot to look up!

The eye of Nicole begins to go right over us around 3AM. The wind & rain completely stopped for nearly 1/2 hour – very eerie!
This wind graph shows a peak wind of 60 MPH, followed by less than 2 MPH as the eye went overhead.
The morning after.  Overnight the high water had begun to reach the top of docks, leaving behind some debris.
In the morning, everyone was checking on each other.

By this afternoon, the winds should lie down & hopefully the water will recede as well. Waiting for the marina to re-open & turn our power back on!

Tomorrow we’ll un-prep & get back to normal – oil changes & lots of boat projects!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Nicole

  1. I appreciated the update. I was thinking about you, hoping “velcro beach” would mean good news. We’re on the other coast in Gulfport and still behind hurricane shutters with gusts into the high 30s. Haven’t yet gone out to look over Boca Ciega Bay to see what boats broke free.


    • We were a bit surprised-although we shouldn’t be- at the amount of beach damage- boardwalks,homes, and so many boats that broke free in places like St Augustine and Cocoa. Can never be complacent about storms!


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