Crossing the Georgia/Florida Line

At long last, our November 1 insurance deadline passed so we’re onward into Florida.


While waiting to cross the line, we spent a few days at our favorite scenic anchorage, Plum Orchard on Cumberland Island.  Thousands of birds (uniquely wood stocks & roseate spoonbills), dozens of dolphins, wild horses, armadillos, 2 manatees & 1 alligator.  Lots of photos from our stay 2 years ago at: Prior visit to Plum Orchard.

Have you heard the one about what the wild horse said while walking down the road?

More of that Georgia mud at low tide

There we are, poking thru the trees loaded with Spanish moss

These wild horses stopped what they were doing to say goodby as we left our anchorage … not!

Our next stop is St. Augustine, then onward to Vero Beach before a bit of stormy weather arrives next week. Vero Beach will be our base for the next 1 1/2+ months while we get caught up with doctor & dentist appointments, along with prepping for crossing over the Bahamas.

Place those orders now! with Lori before her Etsy Shop is sold out! An impressive stack of orders went out from Jekyll Island via golf cart.

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Georgia/Florida Line

  1. We loved Cumberland island! It’s so interesting to see the ruins of the mansions and think that they are from the same era as Newport.


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