Out & About George Town

Hard to believe a month has already gone by! The weather has been mostly good, with the usual weekly cold fronts having us do the “George Town Shuffle”, with many boats moving to a better/different anchorage for protection from the upcoming high wind direction(s). We’re taking it a bit careful & easy this year, but have enjoyed getting together with several friends, both fellow cruisers & past cruisers with nearby land dwellings.

While it hasn’t always been this calm during our weeks here, we enjoy it when it is!
The Find Your Anchor Game – on wind-less mornings, you might drift next to your anchor.  The arrow is showing all your can see of our anchor shank – it’s well dug in! Does this photo look fuzzy? Well, not when you consider you’re looking down 11ft.
Many beautiful & interesting sunsets
Lots of partial rainbows as showers pass nearby. Not only is this the end of a double rainbow, it was so intense it seemed as though the trees might ignite!
One of the paths from the harbor to the ocean beach is called “The Art Trail”. People (especially kids) take beach trash & get creative.
One of our anchorage spots in Red Shanks has several sunken boats, as boats are left semi-abandoned over the summer & don’t always make it. This 35′ sailboat had been almost completely below the surface for many years. It took 2 days of difficult work using air bags to first get some lift, then attempt to get straps around it, break it free from the bottom & de-water it – finally towing it away.
Speaking of wrecks, this trimaran was found offshore & towed here, after crossing the Atlantic – upside-down! This Groupe Drekan 50′ trimaran capsized off Portugal during a transatlantic race in 2017 & 2 years later drifted to off the Bahamas. Last we heard (2 years ago), the French owners were hoping to raise $50,000 to have transported by ship back to Europe for “repairs”…
Bread products (especially this year), are difficult to obtain so we’ve added naan bread to our do-it-all-yourself list. Surprising simple – thanks Benj for your recipe!
It is often joked that the definition of cruising is “making repairs in exotic places”. Fortunately our repairs are usually minor, such as this “spun prop” on our dinghy outboard. Since a replacement prop would be nearly impossible to obtain here, I found this quick fix on-line.
Lori’s been busy! Just a sampling of her pieces since early December.

Hey everyone- Lori here!! Been a LONG time and figured I needed to toss my two cents in at some point. Music- we have a limited selection and whenever we come across new songs that we love enough to download it’s a big deal.

Lately Twin Sisters is listening to: “Everyone’s Talking”, by Izzy Bradburn (available on iTunes, etc) – I know we might be prejudiced on this one. 🙂

“The Whole of the Moon” by the Waterboys (popularized by the Netflix series, “The Affair”).

“Abby” by Travis Denning  – (you know, Any Body But You) 🙂

We’ll be here for roughly 3 more weeks, before very slowly heading back north through the Bahamas.


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