Merry Christmas from the Bahamas

We found this fitting Christmas display on nearby Man-O-War Cay
Hope Town decorates their lighthouse with lights strung down the sides every Christmas. It is the last operational kerosene-fueled lighthouse in the WORLD. Jugs of kerosene are delivered by boat, carried up from the dock & raised up into the lighthouse. The light’s rotation is due to being hand-cranked twice a night (via a long 50′ chain similar to a cuckoo clock).
The brilliant full moon rises up over the harbour…
and sets over Twin Sisters at dawn (thanks to Sue on Jabulani for waking up early!)

It’s always a little bit strange enjoying Christmas when it’s sunny & 78 degrees after 50+ years up in the cold north.  We certainly miss celebrating with family – especially Benj!  Prior to COVID, Benj was able to fly down most years for Christmas or a post-Christmas celebration. Sadly, we’ll have to get-by with a Skype call & looking at photos from Christmas memories past…

A Christmas morning memory from 2004

Christmas Day will find us underway from Abaco to Eleuthera.  Not ideal, but it looks like the best travel day for our next 80 mile jaunt.  Winter is here, complete with windier conditions, cold fronts & all of that fun stuff. But did I mention every day is 78 degrees?!

Merry Christmas to All!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Bahamas

  1. Happy New Year to you guys. Looks like your Bahamas tour is going nicely. I’m sure you miss your baby at Christmas. I see changing times coming myself. Ours is home from college for the holidays still. Safe travels!


    • Happy New Year! Yes it’s been lovely and we are only one jump down to GTown.
      I’m glad we had our larger sail cat when Benj would spend holiday break with us. The PDQ works ok for a week. Enjoy the time while you have it. 😊


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