We’ve Made it to the Bahamas!

We were planning on crossing to the Bahamas next week, but after almost 2 weeks of light winds, we knew the end was near!  All our weather sources indicated we could cross this week, or wait 1 – 2 – 3 weeks …?  We have a record to uphold after all – we have never had a bad crossing in our 10 years!  Crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas can never be taken likely – boats have been damaged (even cruise ships), people have given up after multiple attempts, marriages dissolved & worse!

A big change of plans included a car rental to alter, propane tanks to fill, more groceries, along with a bunch of other stops. We needed nourishment – our first breakfast out in months!
Bahamas requires COVID testing with tight deadlines. We almost fell asleep in our comfy recliners waiting for the doctor. Mmmm … people say bad things about Florida.


It’s not always JUST donuts! Even with our tight schedule, we still traveled almost 2 hours round-trip just to stock up on basil garlic sausages at our favorite Melbourne Beach Market – the best!! (By accident, just maybe, Love Bug Bakery was down the street…)
Looks like our planning worked out – THIS is the mighty Atlantic Ocean off the Fort Pierce Inlet. Foggy, but flat.


Continued pleasantness … we are in the mighty Gulf Stream which CAN have 12’+ breaking waves.
We made it across the Atlantic to the Bahamas Banks welcomed by the Chamber of Commerce! One soared completely out of the water – better to enjoy than attempt to photograph.
Still underway to our anchorage at sunset. Our yellow “Q” (quarantine) flag indicates we haven’t yet cleared in to the country.


Still calm with next morning. A rare breakfast underway before sunrise – just breathtaking!

By late afternoon, we arrived at the Green Turtle Cay Club Marina in Abaco, Bahamas.  Hopefully the Customs agent will take the ferry over in the morning to Green Turtle & clear us in.  Our vessel paperwork & COVID testing documentation should be in order – we’ll be finding out shortly!




9 thoughts on “We’ve Made it to the Bahamas!

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    The Bahamas!! What else to say?
    Enjoy, be safe, look, see, ear, smell, relax , but check the weather reports and sand bar even with your drag.
    Happy to know you’re there, our friends.
    Carole and Jean Apollo 11 hybrid (sold now)

    By the way we are presently working on the Panama “pensionado visa” You know?


      • Check google for “Panama pensionado visa” and you might find it convincing.

        I learned on that, trucked in the shallow hideaway south of Georgetown, neigbourgh of Twin Sisters, from a family travellling on a 45 feet Leopard sail cat since then 10 years with their 2 children, after crossing the Pacific. You met them with us.

        Glad you made it!

        Bravo, comme on dit en français.


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