Vaccine Shots – Done & Done!

Well, at least the first doses. Florida last week announced opening up ages 60 – 64, so the wait is over! Lori & I both received appointments for the first day of our age group eligibility. We actually ended up with two sets of first dose appointments. We canceled our Walmart appointments as (besides not being fans of Walmart) getting rental cars is difficult with tourist season in full force. We kept our local Publix grocery/pharmacy appointments as we could simply walk there from our marina. We also have our 2nd dose appointments scheduled so we can begin to relax – a little.

In the meantime, we have just enough time for a 3-week cruise across Florida! We had hoped to be across to Sarasota Bay celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary last May, but COVID put a halt to that.

There is a short-cut across Florida thru the Lake Okeecobee Waterway for boats without tall masts (there is one low bridge along the way). On our last trip to the west-coast 10 years ago we were on our sailing catamaran so we had to go down & around the Florida Keys. This time we take this shortcut.

After 4 months of being mostly hunkered down here are our marina, it will be great to be underway once again!

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