2 Months in Deep River

It wasn’t all projects, donuts & oysters in Deep River, but lots of projects & donuts!

Many beautiful sunsets
A few storms blew through
In case the question ever comes up: How many police & rescue boats does it take to rein-in an underway runaway skiff caught on a mooring going around in circles: answer: 5
A visitor from the north! Covid regs finally allowed Benj to visit us from Vermont! We enjoyed spending a long weekend with him including a tranquil cruise north up the Connecticut River to East Haddam.
After 2 months in Deep River, it was time to enjoy & explore! Here’s the newly painted Old Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse all dressed up

Oh wait – we took a wrong turn & somehow ended up hauled out!  Yes, the dreaded haul-out, living “on-the-hard”, 14 hour days of hard labor & discomfort without A/C, etc., etc.  We tortured ourselves in May 2019 & our bottom paint was holding up well, however, we’ve had ongoing issues with our “running gear”.  This consists of our propeller, the shaft thru the hull with a cutlass bearing and a shaft seal finally connecting to the engine transmission.  In our case, one of the shaft seals (the red thingy in the photo way below) was leaking due to a

Re-installing the shaft – the brass colored collar is the new bronze cutlass bearing

common PDQ boat issue of shaft “whipping” at high speeds.  Some other PDQs have had an additional mid-bearing expoxyed in to help with this problem at a specialized boatyard in Florida for several thousands of dollars.  I figured, “how hard could it be?”  While it worked out o.k., every step had “issues”.

First, I was planning on having the boatyard in Mystic pull the propellers, as it takes specialized tools.  However, after an hour they gave up.  A specialist with special specialized equipment was required, but he was booked up for a week.  The yard called in a favor for him to show up at 5 AM the next morning (before his

The red arrow points to the additional mid-bearing expoxyed in. The red hose-like thing is the shaft seal which keeps the seawater out while allowing the shaft to spin

first already scheduled job).  Gulp … well … we were desperate.  In the end, he was able to squeeze us in at 8 PM that night before.  Gulp … there goes the budget!

It was time for me to get to work.  Remove the shafts & “tap out the cutlass bearings” – in theory.  In reality I had to blindly cut thru a bronze sleeve with a bare hacksaw blade & then very carefully pound them out!  2 1/2 hours later…!  The work continued late into the night.  Install the new cutlass bearings, epoxy in the new mid-bearings, install the new shaft seals, re-attach the shaft couplings to the shafts & transmissions. Ahhhh … the end was in sight! (Lori was starting to believe it too!)

Realizing that we never want to haul-out again, we thought … let’s just throw on a coat of bottom paint while we’re already hauled out rather than doing it a year or two.  Problems included that we have no time to order any paint & no car to pick it up.  Oh … but there is an Enterprise Car rental office 1/2 mile away.  Oh … it’s closed due to Covid!  Oh … we can Lyft further to Groton.  Oh … the Lyft driver wasn’t even wearing a mask!  On and on and on, but eventual success, back in the water with the running gear upgraded & a fresh coat of bottom paint, in only 2 1/2 days!

The final product!  Doesn’t look much different, but no leaks!

Now we are going to spend a few weeks out enjoying ourselves around New England.  We’ve cancelled our trip to Maine this year due to Covid, as technically if we stopped in Massachusetts on the way to Maine, we would have to undergo Covid testing or endure a 14-day quarantine.  So we will likely only go as far north as Newburyport, Massachusetts, which isn’t so bad as we really enjoyed our stay 2 years ago during the PDQ Lobsta Crawl flotilla.

We enjoyed a few clean-up & recovery days while anchored off the Mystic Seaport. This baby is the newly restored Mayflower II ready for her sail back to Plymouth, MA.

4 thoughts on “2 Months in Deep River

  1. 1st class work as always . . . nicely done! Now what about that other engine? Yikes . . maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it. 🙂


    • Why thank you Ross! So far the fixes are good and only a few drops. The Port engine was the leaky one but both sides received the full treatment! We’d better be all done!! Hope all good with you and Phyllis- Lori


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