Around (George) Town

After our rushed trip from Florida to the Exumas, it’s nice to be doing, well … not so much.


This is something people think we do all of the time, but sitting around a beach bar is actually a rare treat.  This one is new – the Peace & Plenty Beach Club in Elizabeth Harbour.

Lori, Cort & Max


This is the entrance to Lake Victoria in George Town where the dinghy dock for town is located.  Calm this day, but wind & strong tidal current can result in 1’+ standing waves.  A further challenge is that while incoming boats technically have the right-of-way, some don’t look or don’t care, leading to the dangerous game of chicken.


Always some interesting boats found about the harbor …

And creatures!

These lumps are frogs resting on a window sill!


The weather has been warm & beautiful, but some windy days have us “hiding” in one of our protected hidey-holes.  This has given me time to work on a new tab for this website “Our PDQ Enhancements”.  Probably only interesting to other PDQ 34 powercat owners, but if interested, click on the tab on top or click here: Our PDQ Enhancements tab

Our PDQ 34 Enhancements

Fortunately this picture was from over a year ago… Hopefully our projects will continue to get smaller & smaller!


I have tried to make my Lobsta Crawl slideshow from my last post appear properly, but without success.  So I’ll try one last time.  Just a 10 minute slide show with highlights of last summer’s cruise to Maine.

Click link to take a look:  Lobsta Crawl slide show


Please share any thoughts or questions.

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