Catching Up from last Spring

We left you hangin’ since last spring as we were leaving the Exumas & beginning our trek back north.  On our way from the Bahamas to Florida, we traveled thru the Berry Islands via an unusual, shallow route.  This banks route is a bit of a shortcut which takes you about 20 miles from Bonds Cay to Great Harbour Cay.

Without a chart plotter you’d have no idea where to go, as the bottom everywhere looks just like this.  However most of the banks are only 1′ – 3′ deep!  On our chartplotter, Explorer Charts shows a little dotted line to safely  bring you thru a narrow path of slightly deeper water.  This was our second trip via this route, but we decided to kick things up a notch & anchor overnight right in the midst of it all.

Time for a sunset paddle- hope to return before dark

Of course, I had to paddleboard into the sunset.  Lori was probably doing some planning . . .

I did make it back & then we did make it the approximately 1,200 miles back to New England for the summer without any real issues or problems.


One thought on “Catching Up from last Spring

  1. Glad to hear from you. I looked over your blog and saw no post socarole and I wondered…

    We sold Apollo ll last May. We worked a lot on our Piedmont house and we plan to put it on sale in mid January 2019.

    We went in Greeck Cyclades islands during 3 weeks in September ( 1 week in Paros, 3days in Mykonos, 4 days in Santorini, 1 week in Crete); on the Greek continent: 3 days in Météores and 4 days in Athens.

    From there we flew to Amsterdam for 4 nights and finally 3 days near Paris at Isle Adam with orFrench friends we received on Apollo ll in the Exumas.

    We will spend the winter here hoping to sell our house in Piedmont and/or condo in Brossard.

    We think of you guys and the life we lived aboard.

    Where are you now.

    Envoyé de mon iPhone



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