25 Son Trips Around the Sun

Beginning of Otter Creek

September 2, 2017. A quarter century old this son of ours. So happy for all the time we’ve shared with him and Lily this trip. Some higher power looked favorably upon us for Saturday, as it was a lovely, light wind day stuck in between days not so pleasant. We’d planned a short boat ride. This would be Lily’s first ride aboard Twin Sisters and with a bit of ginger and calm conditions she was confident (mostly!) that motion sickness wouldn’t come aboard!

We offer proof below that Lily not only survived the outing but she was smiling! Maybe due to Benj or the Swell (a modern take on a wine spritzer from the founder of Deep Edy). 🙂

Opening birthday gifts on the mooring

Tonight’s chosen dining establishment was in… guess which town? Or should I say small city? Yes, Vergennes, at the Black Sheep. Our table was by the entrance with a view out to the sidewalk and street.

No cocktail menu and the dinner menu is of moderate length with appetizers all the same price and so too with entrees. The bistro is small and it makes sense they are trying to keep things simple as well as local. So Lily turns to me and asks if I could suggest a gin based drink. Umm… and with a recall memory that astounded me, I offered, “How about a French 75?” Here we are in Vergennes, and well, a classy drink would surely be part of the bartender’s repertoire. The woman attending to us at the moment was in fact the bartender (she also seemed to be in charge) and I had to describe the drink (which I’d quickly checked online first after Lily and I talked). The happy ending is that Lily enjoyed the cocktail and the bartender has a new libation to offer.

Happy 25th Benj. The Black Sheep in Vergennes. French 75s for the ladies, Manhattans for the men.

A walk down to the falls felt in order and Russ said that they’d be lit up. Not as lit up as we’d hoped, but we did get to show where we had landed the dinghy.

Our dearly beloved amazing drivers returned us to the marina where we bid a heartfelt farewell to Lily, but only a goodnight to Benj who we’d see one last time on Monday, Labor Day. Sunday’s weather would keep us on board and Monday looked breezy still, but sunny and cool. Autumn coming soon me thinks.


Please share any thoughts or questions.

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