Awesome Weekend #3

We enjoyed such a great four weeks in Lake Champlain that I’m very glad to keep a log, otherwise the too frequent senior moments would win out.  Benj had to assist with the morning Farm Market so we made plans for the late afternoon and evening.

The Middlebury Co-op was our second stop, after donating a bag of books to a huge used book shop. Benj had told me about powdered humus that you reconstitute with water/oil to turn it back into “real” hummus. He said it was very good and I thought it was an ideal boat item; long-lasting and you can make just the amount you want when you need to. Picked up a bunch of other non-perishables and checked out the new huge deli “and more” section which was due to open in a few days.

We wanted to stroll and shop in downtown so Benj headed home and we enjoyed a pleasant walk. Russ obtained another birthday gift while I hunted for a card; our sneaky gift acquisition plan working like a charm.

Dinner at American Flatbread in the MarbleWorks was long overdue. It hadn’t made the cut in prior visits to Vermont, and since they were closed Sundays we had to plan for a Saturday night.

I don’t know, forget the food just focus on the creative and delicious cocktails you can find on nearly every menu throughout Vermont; Rutland, Middlebury and the surrounding town, yes, Burlington too. I settled on a New York Sour, which was not described, and wow, just wow!  I wanted bourbon instead of whiskey though. The sour mix was not your usual heavy “too this or that”, it had to be homemade. So that and the bourbon, in a glass with a huge round iceball (I can’t call it a cube), topped with a Malbec floater.  I had to look it up to be sure it’s a real drink and not just an American Flatbread creation.

My New York Sour with a huge round ice ball was divine!!

Ok, then we ate pizza. 🙂

Dinner for four- one large and one small. The young ones took home leftovers- not that much was left.

We had walked from downtown- yep all of a six-minute walk. Benj and Lily walked from home, so that meant a walk back for all. Warm and lovely evening, perfect to walk.

Sunday: Russ had been wanting to hike and Mt Philo was very close and not too strenuous. I opted out as the long hike around Valcour bruised my left big toe under the nail; the same sneaks that ruined my right big toe nail last September. Plus, father-son time was rather overdue and I had some things I needed to get done.

View from Mt Philo. Gorgeous. So much green, so many mountains. Farmland too

The view proved amazing, the temperature on the cool side; perfect for a guys’ hike. And since we seem to follow up pleasant outings and meals with a grocery stop, this would be no exception. Of course Benj selected the veggie items. He also selected several items for his lunch; more than I could eat in four meals! He, and all the farm crew, burn so many calories that they have to focus hard on consuming enough calories every day. Peanut butter, honey, huge salads are common because eating healthy is important. So proud of this guy!

The guys returned and we got to hang out with our son for a couple more hours. Life IS good.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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