Simply St Augustine -4/27 & 4/28

Let’s race! Pontoon boats- not for your old granny anymore.

Soon I’ll lose count of the number of visits we’ve made to the oldest city. Lucky 13 with this stop. Twelve by boat and once by car Dec 2014 when we stayed at Anastasia State Park with the motor home. We moved along, arriving in two days.

Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky…

Easy walking or do the trolley tours. Fascinating architecture and history, shopping, dining, watering holes, museums, distilleries, mini golf, and as of February, Rype & Readi, a “city farm market” across from the St Augustine Distillery. What’s not to love about this place?  Now that we have access to produce (with a side of olive oil and other local products), the best just got better.

The majority of the moorings are south of the bridge of Lions, but we wanted one north of the bridge for better wave protection in the 10-20mph south winds. The marina’s docks and the bridge abutments did an excellent job.

Looking south through the bridge as m/v Wishing Star heads to a mooring.

The bridge made the morning news; unfortunately.

Oil poured on lion statue makes local news

The local JAX TV station would rotate through live shots of local spots; one being the St Aug city marina and the Bridge of Lions- you could almost see us (to the left) but not quite.

Certain places or activities are “must dos” when we stop; although we always try to manage at least one or two new experiences. St Augustine offers up a smorgasbord of options for any and every one visiting. Even if you don’t have wheels, the possibilities are still nearly endless.

We tried a new bistro- Cellar6 located on the VERY old Aviles St, about a five-minute walk from the docks. Sidewalk table was the better, albeit more breezy, choice.

Cellar6, dinner. Shrimp & Grits for me and Captain’s Trio for Russ. We both took home leftovers.

A young mom with her two boys had perfect timing. I shared all those celery tops with happy kiddos

Ann on Traveling Soul said the Pirate Museum across from the fort was a worthwhile (interesting, and not too time consuming) visit. Pirates you say? Aye mateys, we’d be keel hauled before missing that!

Eye surgery display at Pirate Museum. Looks too realistic!

Black Bart’s Breakfast before battle. Sounds more like dinner, but it’s very balanced

Our friend, Anne Bonny. We watch Black Sails when possible- gotta keep that image

Warning to others. That’d deter me!

Only remaining pirate chest- with a sneaky lock- not in front as might seem obvious, but from the top.

After making a failed attempt to abscond with the pirate chest, Russ got thrown into the stocks. He looks too happy though

We roamed the streets looking for treasures; in other words, window and real shopping took place. Someone bought a pair of shorts and sunglasses, and it wasn’t me!

Lunch at the Floridian- fabulously wonderful as always and that includes the service, the libations, the décor and the food!

Black Bird & Garden Gimlet at Floridian

So, come dinner time our stomachs still weren’t ready so we headed into town to hunt down a cocktail hour beverage. The Tini Martini bar at the Casablanca Inn was jumping- oh wait this is Friday night- duh. Since this is the season for proms, weddings, graduations and various other celebrations, the entire northern part of Florida had gathered in St Augustine, so it seemed. Undaunted, we strolled on heading further away from the water, across St George and then we found it- Dos Gatos. Of course: Two Cats 🙂 . Bar and lounge only with live music at the moment. Not our usual milieu, but only two other couples occupied the bar so we plopped ourselves down for a long study of the substantial drink “book”.

I know that was short- well, shorter than my usual, but we only spent two nights here. So if you need more. Here’s a couple of links to prior pirate-like posts! Why we like St Augustine   and Tale of … 

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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