The Captain Says…..

Definitely not safe to move about

Moving about the cabin is not safe at this time!

In fact he’s left the helm to see about a matter involving epoxy and a water heaterIMG_2308 (600x800)

Could cabin pressure be the problem? What pressure? Oh like the pressure to get it all done asap? That kind???
So while he’s otherwise occupied, I’ll just photograph about the cabin….

Fridge temp dispaly and wx station

Fridge temp display and wx station

How about cabin temperature? We have that too! Our weather station is so informative, telling us outdoor (via a whirligig that talks wirelessly to the main unit) temp, humidity, dew point; indoor temp and humidity but most importantly (because I am not a huge wind fan- no- I mean not a fan of wind 🙂 ) it shows (almost) current wind speed and low, average and peak wind over the past 30 mins.
Cabin temp too ordinary for you? Well, now we can bring you fridge and freezer temp from the comfort of your seat. Too bad we suspect a few degrees of inaccuracy, which only goes to show that your basic mercury thermometer might be telling the truth after all.
The captain says it’s safe to turn on viewing devices behind your seat; say what? Behind your seat? Yes, turn around and see the nice TV screen behind you. So, tonight’s show looks to be… ummm about pirates, or captains playing like pirates- I don’t know; very confusing these modern shows.

Now much of a show

Now much of a show

Well that was a fast episode; maybe I have time to brush my teeth before the next one.

Where'd the mirror go?

Where’d the cabinet and mirror go?

Oh wait, the medicine cabinet is missing and along with it mirror, mirror no longer on the wall, perhaps I can use you if I am 6 inches tall!!

Honey, you don't need this on the wall do you?

Honey, you don’t need this on the wall do you?

Well that’s tonight’s episode of “Making Water”, the follow-up to “Making Solar”. Better pay attention or I’ll have to give you the technical explanation of how you turn undrinkable salt water into delicious fresh drinking water.

It’s getting late but I’ll be very timely and post this right now… as in I’ll just connect to the marina’s wi-fi and voila! Oh no, it’s down again- as in still down for hours now…. Hints of a new system better be true or you’ll never be amused as I sit here tonight trying not to get hurt not moving about the cabin………..
Update: This morning all is looking much brighter; new faster, better wi-fi installed yesterday!! Of course I had to go to the office to inquire, but at least I got to move about!

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