A cat comes back

No, not the same catamaran; a new one, well new to us anyway.  Dare I say that one of us felt the tidal pull urging him (oh gave that away) to return to cruising? I suppose this was inevitable as we loved the community and friendliness of cruising; not to be found (maybe under a rock) with RVing at all.  While sailing was a challenge, more exhilarating and exasperating at the same time, I could check that off my list and had little problem agreeing to return to the water in a power cat.

We found “the one” faster than expected and so the last month or more has been a whirlwind of activity and traveling.

The boat is a PDQ34, hull #100. Built in 2006. She’s in great shape and while she needs some additional equipment to meet our needs, she’s almost good to go as is. And boy can she go! Two 100hp Yanmars move her along swiftly, especially in calm waters. Ideal top cruising speed is around 14kts, while her ideal “slow” cruising speed is around 7kts. With only 17ft of beam compared to Ortolan’s 23 she won’t be as stable but she is wide for her 34ft length and will fit easily into many slips unlike Ms Ortolan.

Twin Sisters, fka Endeavour, fka Volare, recently completed the Great Loop with her last owner who purchased her solely for that purpose, checked that off his bucket list and is moving on to the next item.


Here they come as I wait on Traveling Soul with Mike and Ann

Russ arrives at Herrington Harbor North on Twin Sisters as I wait on Traveling Soul with Mike and Ann

Russ got to make the relatively short trip from Edgewater, MD to the marina while I drove Bonny and got to hang out with our friends on Traveling Soul who spent the summer at this lovely, friendly and safe marina.

Our new home dock for next 6 weeks

Our new home dock for the next 5-6 weeks


Note the very high waterline

Note the very high waterline when we arrived on Sept 17


The marina very graciously let us keep the RV parked in their huge lot for a few weeks

The marina very graciously let us keep the RV parked in their huge lot for a few weeks

Every day seemed to bring another thing to fix. The fridge had turned off once or twice so Russ pulled it out and cleaned off some connections and since then, knock on wood- which we do have! it’s been working fine. A bit too small, but we are going to add a small fridge up on the flybridge (replace the current icemaker – boohoo), and, are you ready??? Buy an Engel – not a faux one- the real deal –  to have more freezer space.

fridge fix time- cleaned connections

How convenient the fridge can just slide out on to the counters in my tiny galley.

We slowly moved aboard, making space and storing things in strange places as we went. The rain and wind-filled front that preceded Joaquin kept us inside for several days with claustrophobia a given what with all that stuff piled up. Of course we had to order stuff, mostly from Defender but Amazon was there too. Boy aren’t they slow now? Russ tried to do Prime, but long story short, it wasn’t going to work due to the marina having a physical shipping address AND a PO box.



We got so silly – thought we’d have a sleepover in the galley!

Now this gets very interesting

Now this look very interesting. I think the spare bed is oozing out into the galley.

But really, we were just blowing up the new air mattress to be sure it was OK. The original mattress and many, many other things the prior owner left behind, got put in the “Freecycle” box at the marina for someone else to use.

Blowing up air mattress (for esteemed visitors )

A test inflation of the new air mattress (for esteemed visitors )!

During all this moving aboard activity we had several inquiries about the RV and two showings. One was VERY interested and as I write this Russ is now into hour # three of showing them Ms Annie.  If this doesn’t pan out we have Plan B- so no worries.

Attending the boat show this weekend but since we already have the boat, we can concentrate on the vendors and the food and a Painkiller or two!


8 thoughts on “A cat comes back

  1. For those of us living vicariously, and now that you are back on the water, I’d be curious about why the change from the RV plan. What didn’t go as you expected.

    It does look to me like you are downsizing rapidly–from the 900 sq ft of Ortolan (in 4 spaces), to half that in the RV, to the 600 sq ft of the PDQ.


    • Ernie-it’s not quite that much downsizing- add in 150sf for the flybridge! lots of storage and seating up there. Makes all the difference.
      RVer’s, while some are former cruisers, are not the same. The cruising / boating community is more friendly, open, helpful and interested in even a casual acquaintance- moreso than we experienced while RVing. Plus Russ was raised in a boating every weekend family and enjoys life on the water more than driving, driving and driving. So far so good in Twin Sisters. Glad you are still following along 🙂


    • Cort is pulling us toward Stocking Island (no hurricane damage thankfully) with great force. Gonna be hard to resist unlimited guest privileges at his place and we can anchor inches off the beach! Save some vacation time 🙂


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