Road Trip! White stuff?

????????????????1,047 miles. In three days. I feel like we have been transported in the blink of an eye. I’m pretty sure that traveling that distance in Ms Ortolan would take us 4 to 5 weeks!
Benj bid us farewell in Clinton; he heading due north and we, well, mostly south with enough west to avoid NYC. As we approached The Tappan Zee Bridge a sign proclaimed, “High winds, trucks consider alternate route.” Oh did you see me cringe? Sure, we braved that cross wind, and how great that we basically looked at each other and said “what wind?”

Our KOA guide leads us to our spot

Our KOA guide leads us to our spot

We traveled through snow (teeny bit) and our second KOA stay brought us by cotton fields in North Carolina. ???????????????????White puffy cotton balls balanced atop brick-red stalky bushes created a field of high-topped snow. I had the urge to pull out my nail polish remover but my newly polished toes screamed nooooooooooo.

Three days to Brunswick, GA with each successive day longer than the one before and despite the length, each one an easier drive. The worst stretch is I95 between Wash DC and CT and we avoided most of that. By Day Two my hand was disengaged from the handrail next to my seat and by Day Three I was feet up on the dash, pink piggies smiling in the sun. 🙂

Precious items normally on a counter need to be properly stowed. I decided to still keep a log/journal

In travel mode:Precious items normally on a counter need to be properly stowed. I decided to still keep a log/journal

The hydraulic fluid leak Russ discovered before Thanksgiving still appeared unchanged as evidenced by the paper towel test. When we had to make an unscheduled stop to retract the bedroom slide a ½” the next move was to find a service place in Brunswick. He’d noticed that section moved out just enough to be noticeable and sure enough when I hit “retract” the slide pulled in. Not sure if the reduced hydraulic fluid had allowed the holding pressure to drop or maybe it was a fluke; either way we needed to address the leak.
At 4pm we arrived at Coastal GA RV Resort, got situated and promptly washed a very grungy Bonny. The park isn’t really a resort but having a pool must qualify it to claim resort status. It’s a huge cement parking lot with grass and shrubs separating each site. But it’s level and allowing vehicle washing at no extra cost is a rarity. Our spot was a pull-through and close to the pool and laundry.
My plans for lovely weather Thursday appeared to be in serious jeopardy thanks to the hydraulic repair and oh while we’re at it let’s do that engine and genset oil change at Speedco and fill up with diesel. Chores first, play eventually.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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