Canadian Cruisers, RVers.. oh my!


‘Tis the snowbird season, when water and land cruisers flock to warmth.

Annie here- I’ve got the con for this tale. It all began Monday Oct 27; but wait, it actually all began several years ago before my time so I had to gather that chapter from s/v Ortolan, which wasn’t easy to do, her being up in Maine you know. But she is doing well and shared her knowledge so that I might do the same.
Seems that Ms. Ortolan and crew had met a single-handed cruiser a few years ago in St Augustine and met up with him several times that year; a Mr John Carnie on m/v Vulcan. He’s a Canadian citizen but I do not believe he was born in Canada. Anyway he’s quite the senior traveler and seems that he was inspired by my owners to sell that condo, buy a motorhome and hit the road with his wife of two years, Katie, a lovely woman from Venezuela.
So my new tile floor is just completed with new step covers in place, I’m looking good and bam Rodney arrives. Oh, now Rodney is a 2011 Avanti, approx. 32ft and towing a black pickup truck; sexy is a word that came to mind as he drove past. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????But looks aren’t everything and here’s what we all learned in one interesting hour:
– When you arrive after hours check for site info, etc that the office would leave for you
– Try not to make a tight turn by a dumpster or any large object

Can't go forward, can't reverse. Who you gonna call?

Can’t go forward, can’t reverse. Who you gonna call?

– But if you screw up on the first two, at least have friends nearby who can assist
– Have your important tools handy and be sure you can remove your tow bar several ways

So much force that the bolt shot up in the air when removed from the tow bar

So much force that the bolt shot up in the air when removed from the tow bar

– Tow a stick shift vehicle because an automatic may need to have the drive shaft disengaged while towing and then you have to crawl under to re-engage

After de-coupling we tried to push- didn't get far

After de-coupling we tried to push- didn’t get far

– And lastly, keep calm and know you are getting another good story

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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