An Eye Blink

Caught mama deer, the fawns moved into the trees while she watched me

Caught mama deer, the fawns moved into the trees while she watched me

Darn, we blinked and 32 days swept past faster than you can say “she sells sea shells by the sea shore!” Problem was she wasn’t collecting or selling those shells, she was searching for a new shell to call home. In between, she checked out new dining venues nearby with friends and family, became a regular at the UPS Store, the storage unit and eventually purchased a new home. What’s that you say? Wind shift we say. Stay tuned to hear how a catamaran morphs into a motor home.
June’s weather held much promise; a delightful month with few thunderstorms and nary a one nailed us. Our mooring held and we avoided a surprise parting, staying put through numerous tide changes, wind shifts and the funky stuff in between.

Father’s Day was nothing short of fantastic and we sucked up every precious minute with our son.

A rare foggy morning- the geese love to do that line thing

A rare foggy morning- the geese love to do that line thing

July 4th weekend brought Arthur but in his weakened (was the weekend after all) state he was a non-event except for rain and 20kts of wind immediately following. Yawn.

Finally that Monday we successfully met a friend of Jack and Kerry’s who was in Mystic for five weeks. Let’s just say, what happens in Essex, stays in Essex. We met at the Gris and then got treated to a sneak look at… oops I can’t say because this just isn’t supposed to happen.

The weird thing is, that very afternoon in the marina parking lot we ran into, not literally, the guy who was key to this sneak peek. We hadn’t seen him in years but in the space of 5 mins we exchanged the Cliff notes version of our lives for the past four years. Then we see him at the Gris – maybe it had something to do with Monday being Sea Shanty night – and our guest being a YC member (albeit on the west coast); we were treated to a rare viewing. Was very awesome in a historical and clandestine way.???????????????????
The next morning we joined our nephews and their dad for breakfast, then finished our errands and all that fun stuff associated with heading off. A hurried good-bye to friends at the marina and we were off to Hamburg Cove, one of the most protected and prettiest coves on the Connecticut shore. Russ figures he’s been enjoying the Cove for 53 years, while I can only claim 26 and Benj, 21.

????????????????????????????I refuse to dwell on the fact that all our stops on this upcoming two-month cruise will be our last; charging the camera now for the photo snapping frenzy to come. We snagged a DRYC mooring- thanks guys! And swung blissfully all night into day. Maybe a T-storm or just enough rain to rinse off the boat would be good.

4 thoughts on “An Eye Blink

    • Well, I didn’t think of it that way, but I know why you did! Well, either way it worked for us. I think this makes Deep River move up a tad on the classy scale to know that DR also stands for Del Rey- maybe they can be east and west coast sister towns 🙂


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