Alabaster Bay- A one day hangout

How silly- a cell tower dressed in a palm tree costume

How silly- a cell tower dressed in a palm tree costume

Alabaster Bay would shorten our Monday trip to Spanish Wells, which wasn’t going to be all that long, but we couldn’t be sure of enough wind to sail most of it. Those diesel tanks were running on empty at only 20 gals vs 116 gals full, but they haven’t seen much more than half full in months. We tucked into the north corner for maximum comfort.

Seemed we couldn’t quite leave Governor’s Harbor behind us; the busy Governor’s Harbor airport sits just behind the tree line off Alabaster Bay.

Morning, noonish and early evening = busy times

Morning, noonish and early evening = busy times

A mostly sunny day gave enough solar power to run the water maker for seven hours; the advantage of a low power using unit that only makes approx. 7 gals/hr. I baked Drunk Monkey Muffins, a family favorite and so island-appropriate with bananas, coconut and rum. Ah… the aroma lingered for hours.

We walked the entire beach and around the north corner. Unbroken shells were scarce but small milk conch lay scattered in abundance in the shallow waters at low tide. These conch are full-grown at only 3 to 4 inches long. The shells are thick and white but many have a brown discoloration that I think they acquire from being in sand and the brownish grass that grows in the shallows. Found alive, they’d be white.

We tossed around the idea of extending our time in the Bahamas by a couple of weeks. Rather than cross back to FL very early April, get the freezer repaired and get to the Chesapeake by mid-May, we’d cross back mid-April and only get to the Myrtle Beach area by mid-May. We could get Turbo Tax while in the Abacos and take care of that nonsense in time. Renting a car in Myrtle Beach would be easy. The drive to VT for Benj’s GMC graduation would be longer than from Crisfield, MD but if we had time to sight see it would be fun. How pleasant then to do the ICW trip north from SC in warmer weather than we have ever done before! We’ve always been back in CT by May 5; this new and improved schedule would find us back by mid-June and in time for our nephew’s high school graduation. Not sure why we hadn’t thought of this before, but it’s sounding better with each passing day.

Monday’s destination is St George’s Cay and the well-known Spanish Wells settlement. Check out

2 thoughts on “Alabaster Bay- A one day hangout

  1. Even the name, Alabaster Bay, sounds like something from a fairy tale. I miss beautiful white sand beaches from my time in SE Asia. We have many in Florida, but it’s a lot more expensive to visit 🙂


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