Not Noel ’til he Arrives

Benj gets dropped off at the market

Benj gets dropped off at the market

Oh the weather outside is frightful but inside the airport its delightful??? No way Santa Baby.  We received a few askance looks when other cruisers heard we needed to be in George Town by Dec 22; we got here Dec 12 easily. Our son would fly in Dec 23 from Burlington, Vermont. Boy did we second guess the day and airport starting around 10am Monday. Back in August before Benj headed back to college, Russ spent hours researching flights out of various airports and we finally agreed on a USAir 6am one close to where he was rather than a more difficult, major airport.

The long-awaited day arrives and you would think that with our compulsive weather-checking habit we’d have checked the east coast weather every which way. Not that it would have changed anything, and I would have been very worried had I saw the huge mass of rain and stuff covering the entire coast. We’d all checked local weather for Burlington the night before and “37-40 & rain likely” didn’t sound too awful. We’d heard about the storm system coming in from the west and hoped the flight would take off before or after it passed by. No such luck.

The text we got at 10am made us think that the second leg, from DC to Nassau had to turn around for weather, but alas no, the flight from VT could not land in DC and diverted to Pittsburgh to refuel then make another attempt. When it finally landed in DC at noon… Ok, missed that connection. Nearly four hours later, Benj miraculously gets re-booked on an American flight to Miami, continuing to George Town….at 6am Tuesday! Experienced world traveler notwithstanding, spending the night in an airport is not pleasant. We thought about getting him a one day pass to the American Admirals’ Club but it closes by 9pm; what good is that?

The text we got 6am Tuesday was much more positive and when we got the one saying he’d boarded the flight to George Town, Santa was not happier to have discovered Rudolph’s red nose! Check-in was speedy and before we could say Exuma Market, the friendly taxi driver was delivering her running-on-empty passenger. The market was painfully out of much of the produce I wanted but we popped in again for drinks and more carrots.

We moved from Kidd’s Cove to Sand Dollar Beach where we’d spend Christmas and the next few days.  Hey Santa, we’re ready for you now 🙂

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