Canoe Catch a Cat?

Friends snapped an action shot from shore

Friends snapped an action shot from shore

An area we travel through twice a year is the Upper Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon stretch. Dotted with mangrove islands, Fishing and RV Camps on the west shore, the lagoon is a haven for manatees, egrets, herons, dolphins, osprey and more. Weekends explode with small boats; pontoons, fishing skiffs, kayaks and today, Friday, the speed demon of them all: an outrigger canoe. The day was overcast which was a bummer because the area is so lovely with sunshine.

So we’re just going along around 7kts, faster than usual in order to make our destination and get through the Addison Point Bridge before it closes for rush hour traffic at 3:30. We look over and spot a two person something; they turn around and begin paddling parallel to us. Then they angle toward our stern- me thinks they want a wake to ride, and then they get in right behind us paddling like crazy and we see it’s an outrigger canoe. Oh, this is makes up for lack of sunshine! Of course, photos are required and when I step out on to the stern, the woman in front yells, “we’re from CT too!”

I have her tell – more like shouting- me their email so I can send the pictures. A few minutes later they are still at it; paddling steadily but not aggressively. I think they’ve done this before.

Our stern wake gets a fun second use down the Mosquito Lagoon

Our stern wake gets a fun second use down the Mosquito Lagoon

We pass s/v Snow Goose who gets a kick out of our tiny parade while a short time later I warn our wake paddlers that we’ll be slowing down to allow a motor yacht to pass; a “slow pass” we cruisers call it. The camera goes into Movie mode- I mean after 15 minutes this needs more than a photo or two.

We learn Vicki and Del are visiting her Dad for a long weekend; soon they bid us adieu and head back to their launch location. Damn but that outrigger canoe looked more fun and maybe easier to paddle, than a kayak. A two-person one appeals to me. 🙂 So many possibilities in the small boat category.

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