They Followed Him to School

At Green Mtn College it’s not against the rules! In fact this professor-suggested move was encouraged and further approved by the farm crew. Who is this “they” of whom I speak? Let me introduce Corn, Beans and Squash, dubbed “The Ladies” by Lily. Purchased by our son during the “Yurt Summer of Sheep” to raise for dinner (I can’t quite bring myself to say the “S” word) they would remain at the farm near Montpelier until their time was up in November. Meanwhile, Benj would make all the arrangements necessary to turn them from crazy grazin’ sheep into choice cuts of chops and delicious sausage.

The ladies run to grain

The ladies run to grain

By a stroke of good fortune laid down by the farming fairies, Benj was asked to bring his close-knit trio to the farm at college.

The farm at Green Mtn College offers a CSA

The farm at Green Mtn College offers a CSA

This transport was to take place on Sunday and we happened to be there for visiting weekend and the Poultney Chili fest. The ARC floor (Academics, Respect, Community) FKA the Honors Floor, where Benj resides, won best student-prepared chili. After hanging out (and dining out) with Benj and Lily we’d drive with Benj to Montpelier and claim those lambs. A friend of Benj’s whose family raises sheep and turkeys has a covered pick-up truck that Benj was going to borrow, but her dad was coming on Sunday and generously offered to drive out of his way to help transport the sheep in a Popper; you know, because you just pop them in easily I guess. How great was that? One minute the sheep have to be moved, but how? And the next minute, things have fallen into place so wonderfully. Community. People helping people.

In she goes; ample room for three. No fussin' either.

In she goes; ample room for three. No fussin’ either.

Our paths diverged after the popping-in event; we back to CT and Benj with the wooly trio to Poultney. I really wanted to see the ladies set in their new home; “temporary home” Russ reminds me, but we needed to get back.

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