Just Bluffin’

Oak Bluffs has a new (to us) t-shirt saying: Just Bluffin’. Clever and catchy. No, I did not buy one. Tempted though. We window-shopped and truly shopped; pigged-out on a large sundae (we shared it); gobbled lunch and drank tasty beverages; but the day’s best find was a sign in the window of the bakery, “Back Door Donuts- sold at the back door from 7pm to 1am”. Hot damn- donuts- fresh from the fryer and only ONE dollar each. Not small like Payne’s Killer Donuts but full-sized heart blockers ready to stuff into your face any time of day. After dinner Russ went back in. The line curved around to the front of the shop. Service was speedy. Russ asked if there was a chocolate-coconut kind. Sure thing and watched the girl take a chocolate glazed donut and dip it in a shredded coconut goop. Voila! Did I mention, only $1 each? Most fanatics ate theirs on the spot, but Russ returned with a full order of six; then he ate one! I had to try a bite just to be sure it was worth the wait until morning.

Newborn Back Door Donuts delivered by Captain Russ

Newborn Back Door Donuts delivered by Captain Russ

The second best find/purchase of the day was Sail Magazine’s special Multihull Sailor issue; their first one. Multihulls have taken off, both as performance cruising boats and as performance racing vessels. Unless you are living in an underwater cave you are aware that the super high tech boats in this year’s America’s Cup are catamarans. We declined to participate in the race on the grounds of fairness, but we did participate in Becca Okens’ quest for multihull cruisers to share their stories. Her section is aptly entitled, At Home on the Water. We, along with 11 others are featured; our friends on One White Tree are there and several others are boats we’ve seen in the Bahamas. Each with a unique story and perspective.
This was just our first (half) day. To be sure, the wind was kickin’ up and when it clocked from SW to N we had a great view of the harbor entrance. Moorings have just enough space between them, unless you are longer than 50ft; then it’s to the docks for you mate!

S/V Dream Maker stands off for the incoming ferry

S/V Dream Maker stands off for the incoming ferry


5 thoughts on “Just Bluffin’

  1. I’m a recovering hot donut addict. There’s been a couple of times I nearly wrecked the car trying to change lanes once I saw that glowing red sign in front of Krispy Kreme 🙂


    • One reason we love cruising south is we quickly get into KK territory. We found a donut place in Carolina Beach but only open weekends and we had to leave before then. I was bummed but we will try on our trip down this fall and again in spring. What some wont do for a tasty donut fix!

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  2. Wow … We’re related to cruising rock stars. What month of Sail are you in? I couldn’t find the article on line .. But will call them and ask if. We can get a copy for posterity. Congratulations!!! How wonderful to be recognized after all of your trials with Mainecat!


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