Careful what you wish for

Is that an overused cliché or not?  Thing is it often rings true. Spring days were cool, often chilly with chunks of rainy days broken up by a day or two of lovely weather; such a tease. Oh if only we had more days like this, we all lamented.  Then summer officially arrived and brought with her (at least in CT) four ideal days, the kind that makes you forget about all the crappy ones that came before. Still, we all said, when will summer truly arrive?  Well, how about on the Fourth of July?? As in 90 degrees-plus most days and even the breeze offers little relief.

This didn't last long today- thank goodness.

This didn’t last long today- thank goodness.

In a way I am glad we are hauled out living in a fiberglass thermal hot box sitting over heat loving black top, because at least we have one very cool spot with the life-saving portable AC unit. Today is day four of the reality show entitled Extreme Heat. Hey you know it’s too hot when: the chocolate inside your Peanut M&Ms is melted and the peanut is roasted, sitting and typing causes such over-exertion that sweat pours down inside your sundress, and finally, you refuse an offer of ice cream because even that won’t cool you down like standing in front of the blower fan on the AC will. Sigh.

We found some relief and a change of scenery under the hulls in the shade which was comfortable when a southerly breeze blew and the temps stayed a reasonable “less than 92”.

Lunch nook.  Oh you have "under the hulls seating?"  how nice.

Lunch nook. Oh you have “under the hulls seating?” how nice.

Not much relief in sight for the Maine Cat crew who arrive Monday morning, along with our surveyor. Look for me at the pool.

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