Transient Boater Dockage- good news in CT?

We picked up a 2013 Connecticut Boaters Guide in the marina office. In the Local Regulations and Access section was an article with this lead sentence, “Finding a place to dock for the evening in coastal Connecticut has gotten easier!” Gee, that sure sounds positive and we scanned the short write-up to see that six projects were complete with four more in the construction phase.

The Department of Energy & Environmental Services (DEEP) is providing grants to municipalities and private facilities for transient tie-up opportunities for recreational boats 26 feet and larger. At first blush what isn’t to like about additional moorings or slips for transient boaters, especially during the short and busy summer months.
In its usual boater-friendly style,(ahem) Connecticut DEEP has buried the skimpy info on their site, so well in fact that Russ couldn’t find it; but I did! I am the finder of physical items, but Russ is the master online. Under Grants you will find an outline of requirements for obtaining grant money and how the money must be used; sort of interesting. Then, you click to get a map and on that page is a list of some of the facilities. You can click-through to get more, not very useful info. For the curious, try this link.( At some point it may no longer exist I suppose.  From the page I’ve taken you to, select Grant Information on the left, then BIG Program, then finally at the bottom of that page is a link to click for recipients where you see the map and list. Phew.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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