Good-bye summer dock, hello mooring ball

Title kinda says it all doesn’t it? Our feelings about this are torn; on the one hand we will miss the ease of being at a dock and all our wonderful, friendly neighbors. On the other hand, the moola saved will come in handy. Two events have or will transpire that led us to make this decision. For one, we’ve got to spend some serious time on the hard, probably in RI, where MC will perform the work needed to fix our hull blisters. Looking at a good month, we figure. Two, our son will be working in VT this summer, starting right after school ends. Because of this, we opted to get the boat repairs taken care of sooner rather than later so they won’t delay our fall departure.

Brewer Deep River was great (hey, some lucky boat owner is going to have a primo spot) and all changes were made very quickly. I can hardly wait to not have cable, to run the genset for cooling A/C, to jug our water or visit the fuel dock more often, and best of all dinghy back and forth every time we need to get to shore. All those shopping and storage trips, sigh. If we don’t come in to see you- dinghy out to see us!

As we prepare for our usually eventful, but hopefully boring this time, offshore from Norfolk to NJ/NY I wonder about the debris waiting for us thanks to Superstorm Sandy. Perhaps we won’t get close enough to shore to see much; that would be fine. The photos and videos we’ve seen since early Nov are a sad testimony to Mother Nature’s incredible strength and willfulness.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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