Making Preparations

The title of this post, while chosen for a specific reason- oh a visitor!- could easily be used every week. We are always preparing for something; weather, washing, beachcombing, baking, etc. Feb 7 would bring our CT friend, Cathy, into George Town for a few days and I had my fun things to-do list ready to go. At first the weather did not appear too cooperative but as the day neared my prayers were answered and I began to have visions of the perfect visit; everything was possible.

First though we had a few things to do: dinner on Celise/Spirit, dance party at Chat ‘n Chill, make water, make Ortolan presentable and ravage Exuma Market for my “must-haves”.

Tues, Feb 5 was a “meet and greet, Rockin’ Ron dance party” and our attendance was promised to Cort and Frank. So of course, rain decides to visit the harbor and we eat dinner and get ready just in case. By 7pm, the rain over, a slew of dinghies head to Volley Ball Beach including Bunting. Russ pulls a muscle, but hey a rum punch might help temporarily. We hand over a boat card for the drawing and are announced, “Ortolan is in the house”.  Ok, guess we really have arrived 🙂  Patti is there and we share a hug… but where are those bachelor boys?  Just as I’m about to send Russ (who couldn’t go anyway) after them, they show up, saving their sorry skins- this time. The music was great and danceable, even a couple of Barefoot Man tunes thrown in for fun.

Dinner on Celise/Spirit was a chance to catch up since Nassau. Cort played one of his current favorite songs from Bob Dylan’s new release- gee do I say “album”, “CD” or what? Song seemed like a tune from the 40s or 50s; we didn’t guess it all.

Frank and Cort tackle clean-up- I WAS impressed!

Frank and Cort tackle clean-up- I WAS impressed!

The next day, with lugging water jugs out of the question, we moved to a spot away from the crowds and made water. At low tide the area off our port stern was just gorgeous.

Shallow sand bank south of Sand Dollar Beach

Shallow sand bank south of Sand Dollar Beach

A move up to Kidd’s Cove to attack the market – which was semi-successful, then making a batch of Bahama Mamas and my conch (made with conch we’d cleaned and pounded into tenderness) chowder was accomplished just in time. With flights lasting all day, 3 plane changes wouldn’t you think a delay was almost assured? Not this time- yippee!  We head in to the market for the pickup and I think within five minutes Cathy was in the R&R groove.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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