Breaking away from Thompson Bay

Leaving means preparations and that we did Mon – Wed. Our 3rd,4th and 5th jugs of diesel, laundry, wifi, lunch at LI Breeze for Ten Dollar Tuesday (the shrimp fried rice was delicious and was enough for the next day), propane tank refill (the truck stops at Long Island Breeze) and a revised decision to jib sail the 6 miles to up to Morris to shorten Thursday’s travel distance. SSE winds at 15-21kts made for a roll-y anchorage; how much worse could things be if we even got just a bit more southerly protection?

Met free dive champ Ashley Chapman who with her husband Ren, was anchored off Long Island Breeze. She is the Women’s U.S. and Continental record holder in the no-fins free diving at 190’.  We had heard from others that the men’s record holder (not in that same category) William Trubridge, a New Zealander living on Long Island, was practicing at Dean’s the day we stopped there. Bummer that we missed him by a couple of hours.

We bid farewell to Mike and Jackie as well as cruiser friends who’d be heading south. The mailboat, Island Link arrived mid-day which made for some happy peeps.  On Long Island the boat comes weekly, a welcome change from the “who knows when” schedule in much of the Exumas, except for  GT of course.

Here’s a few parting shots from our last few days in Thompson Bay.

A bagpipe sunset serenade

A bagpipe sunset serenade

Cistern near the beach- we're told it still is used by cruisers

Cistern near the beach- we’re told it is still used by cruisers


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