Dock Doggies

So many dogs surround us; mostly on weekends. They are fun to watch and never any trouble. Several boats on our dock have dogs and they are not life jacket-wearing dogs. On the docks across the way several of those cuties wear jackets.  The smaller dogs seem to be the ones with jackets on- at any moment one could mis-step and plop right in.

The other weekend a major panic ensued when poochie could not be immediately located. Adults and kids right off began looking in the water next to the boat, the boat hook placed into service within seconds. The rising crescendo of children’s wails made us cringe and then…. just as Russ said, “is that the dog?”, the frantic heads turned to see poochie trotting down the dock; he’d been visiting a few boats away and didn’t come when called. Phew- that was close.  I think the poor dog was hugged to death, but that’s as it should be!

Now you might be wondering why so much concern when, hey can’t dogs swim? The answer is a qualified, “yes.” I’m the last person to discuss what dogs can and can’t do but I know why the dog owners here are cautious: it’s the current.  A small slice of the CT River veers off behind Eustasia Island, creating a quieter side leg where the marina is located. The current makes docking a challenge at times; even departing at slack tide is no guarantee of a collision-free maneuver!

Unless it’s slack tide, anything, including Fido, which finds its way into the water, is going to move along, most likely toward the floating docks. Logs, branches and other flotsam get lodged under the floating docks all the time; spring time is the worst. Sooooo, depending on your level of concern, your dog’s ability to swim and level of clumsiness (ok, is “excitement” a better word?), that pooch is parading along the docks in a bright yellow or red doggie life jacket; or not.

Bentley is Jon and Kelly’s new dog and he’s getting used to life on the dock and the boat. Thus, the eye-catching attire.

Bentley checks out the doggie ramp. “swim to daddy!”

“Good boy!” Isn’t a new dog so much fun?

Gizmo and Duncan are rescue dogs who live next to us and are just darling. I couldn’t resist bringing back mini doggie treats from the Vero Beach Farmer’s Market for them. Don’t worry, I’m not going to over indulge them. Giz, a longhaired Chihuahua, will not lose her girlish figure by snacking between meals.

“Who, me cute? Yes, I know. Got any treats?”

“Look the other way and don’t steal my photo op!”

Afternoon river paddlers

What? no Life Jacket? Living on the edge!

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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