We know we’re in Georgia when:

Georgia, love it hate it: however you say or feel it, Georgia often evokes feelings on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  If you cruise in a deep draft monohull chances are you skip most if not all of Georgia. Whether heading south or north, the boat traffic thins out noticeably when we reach Georgia. Still, Georgia coastal scenery is beautiful, assuming you can take a moment to enjoy it while your eyes aren’t glued to your depth sounder.

Relax, no more reading while I show you we know we’re in Georgia when:

  • Our first day is overcast, rainy or gloomy

Southern tip Jekyll Island

  • Six foot (plus) tides show pot floats aground

Not quite low tide

  • Wild horses gather on the beach

Morning horses on Cumberland Island

  • Beautiful marshes line the waterway

These boats are anchored too

  • Shrimpers abound

Out of action at anchor near us

  • The ICW provides interesting scenery

    Cute barge on ICW

Perched pelican poops plenty

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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