Sand Bars, Not Travelin’ Far & A Whole Lotta Love

Feb 16: Before leaving Cave Cay for our lengthy journey up to Little Farmers Cay- all of 4nm – we spent a couple hours at low tide out on the long sand bars that have formed about  one mile west of  where we’d anchored.  Few shells, but plenty of sand dollars, conch and broken coral were scattered about. A beautiful slice of private sand island heaven with a million dollar view of the Exuma banks stretching for a far as the eye can see- in my case, not very far! We set our short, bendy tripod on the dinghy seat and raced against the 10 second timer to get a rare picture of the two of us.

Not fast enough!

Becoming Bahamian

These easy short hops are perfect for sailing using one or more sails, just quietly gliding along at whatever speed the wind takes us. The only sound is Bunting splashing behind us; we tow her on these short hops. Today was a one hour jib sail at 4kts to a small cove near the tip of Big Farmers Cay, just opposite Little Famers Cay. Little Farmers, well known for its 5F Festival on the first Friday in February, also boasts the FCYC, Ocean Cabin, a post office, airstrip, market and best of all a small fisherman’s dock where you can purchase the catch of the day; lobster, conch and today they also had a brilliantly colored red hogfish. With no fresh seafood in OUR fridge, we happily parted with $21 for 2 large conch (meat only) and 2 large lobster tails. Love it.

Friday’s excitement – are you ready?  – was lunch at the YC and free wifi- yes! A real treat on both counts and now we could get a weather forecast. The morning found us as busy bakers; Russ the bread man and me the muffin lady- what a team and we haven’t killed each other yet in that small galley!  Baking several things in one session saves propane since the oven only has to heat up once.

Farmers Cay Yacht Club

Our 3 ½ weeks in George Town invited a contingent of barnacles to grow on the hulls below the waterline.  Russ tackled the port hull today sans wet suit as the water is surprisingly “warm”.  I say surprisingly because we are only ¼ mile from a cut and you’d think that would mean colder water nearby.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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