Lovin’ and Leavin’ Day – 2/14

Loved our time, would love to stay, conditions are right to leave today. Monday’s forecast showed 3 good days beginning Tuesday – good meaning East to ESE winds at less than 20kts –  our cue to depart on schedule. Once away from George Town we’d lack access to weather reports (SSB receiver will not receive Chris Parker’s weather) for the next few days or more.  Baked bread for sandwiches and made a small batch of chocolate macaroons (easy and I had the ingredients as any respectable chocolate lover should).

One final run to town – I sure won’t miss that ride – for more fishing supplies at Top II Bottom, Androsia fabric for the  headboard and curtains I plan to make, cheap booze (most hard liquor costs less than in the States and we found a Chilean wine label, Lazo, that sells for $7.15 or $5.75 if you buy a case- we bought two cases to save more!) and a spin through Exuma Markets. I passed up the chicken feet in favor of normal looking boneless pork chops and chicken breasts, scooped up two ripe avocados and shrugged at the lack of fruit; we’d have to make do. The market carries a good variety of foods but often runs out of items. We’ve tried to make do; when I wanted applesauce for pork chops and the choice was either peach applesauce (ugh) or none, we bought two apples and made our own. (Benj, take note)

We weren’t able to hook up with Celise/Spirit so accepted Puff’s evening invite. Our final beach walk took us in right when our new neighbors, Matina, a Lagoon catamaran, landed with their darling dog Farley (named after a well-known Canadian author). We walked over to the ocean side along the beach (so this is what you do with a dog) and shared our cruising life stories with Matt and Tina. Matt owns a very cool wind surfer and we learned he was the one zooming along through the harbor.

Enjoyed another cruiser-chat evening aboard Puff with two other couples about our age; one on a 26ft monohull- now that’s gutsy. Seabiscuit stopped by for a short time so we finally got to catch up with them- their dance card fills up fast!

Elizabeth Harbour- off Gaviota Bay (the "holes")

Tuesday morning arrived looking as promised and we raised the main shortly after the anchor, waved farewell to Polar Pacer and off we went. Two Cuban yoyos went out once through the cut and we struggled to sail with the wind SE at only 8kts.  But we did, 4.5 to 5kts, hoping for fish, running the water maker and enjoying the ride.

Six hours, 33 nm later and fish-less, we arrived at Lee Stocking Island, home of the Caribbean Science Research Center. Six brand new screw-type free mooring balls are available, so we took one. Only a caretaker was in residence so no tours could be had but we grabbed a trail map and off we went. I foolishly left the camera on board, figuring we’d come ashore Wed morning, but that was not to be.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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