Into the Groove- Jan 29- Feb 2

Bit by the George Town bug, a victim of “a boat at rest, remains at rest”; call it what you will, we have settled in and the possibility of only venturing 32 miles east to Long Island sits in serious jeopardy. Not that we hadn’t planned a long stay; just now we’re glad we did.

A lovelier evening could not have been spent than the one we shared with George and Toby aboard Puff. They have lived on Puff (the magic dragon) since 1993. The boat has no engine as some house boats do; the mooring in Hole 1 on Stocking Island is home. Owners of several monohulls over the years, Toby and George have also fit in 5 years of summers along the canals of France and a year in New Zealand before settling down in on Puff.

Happy hour aboard "Puff"

Russ has become a voracious reader but in between devouring a book a day we’ve developed a routine of sorts. Mornings are spent either hiking/ beach walking or in town, after lunch we usually head over to Volley Ball Beach to cheer our gutsy friends, chew the fat with others, make new friends and discuss upcoming events. The 32nd annual Cruisers Regatta (cruisers let loose enjoying fun, games, music and racing) starts Feb 25 and preparations are in full swing. We’ll be gone before then (yes, we will); still a T-shirt was in order, especially when the charming design was done by none other than Toby. Hey, we bought Green Mtn’s Quidditch World Cup T-shirts, what’s one more in my huge pile?

Volley Ball Beach is THE place to hang out and fortunately it is centrally located. Mornings may be art, yoga and Sunday Beach Church then in the afternoon you’ll find: volley ball games from 2pm-4pm, ladies making baskets using palm leaves, rummy, backgammon, horseshoes and small groups of cruisers form to discuss travel plans, weather, more weather, share intel on places they’ve been and get to know one another.

Volleyball Beach

I’ve been collecting small shells during our walks; why? that remains to be seen. These beaches only contain small shells… and at some point I’ll figure out what they are. Low on variety and not much for color but if you want small, mostly white ones- this is the place.

In an earlier post I mentioned One White Tree. Does anyone know the literary connection?   Speaking of boat names and Canadians an interesting bit of knowledge we recently re-learned is that in Canada your boat name has to be unique. I’m sure Canada does not have as many boats as the U.S. but still, the creative juices need to run strong to achieve a unique name.  So many Canadian flagged boats can be found in The Bahamas and especially George Town that the joke is any elections would have to be postponed ‘cuz no one is left in the country. In addition to plenty of U.S. and Canadian boats, U.K., Australian, New Zealand, Brazilian, Irish and German flagged boats are here too. Many of the morning Net announcements are also relayed in French.  I often can get the gist, but that’s because I’ve heard it in English first!

Holes 1 and 2 with Elizabeth Harbour at top

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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