..and a few more days

When we arrived at Black Point 15 boats were anchored; by Monday night the number had doubled; guess many were not comfortable rocking in the swells where they’d been.

The supply boat, per Lorraine, was due to arrive on Tuesday; our continued presence depended on the weather. We’d either jump 10 miles south to Little Farmer’s Cay or wait and head over to George Town, a long 50 mile run J Monday morning I got excited to see a ship headed in, but it was only a work truck ferry. Black Point has a medium sized dock with a small concrete ramp to one side; none of this could accommodate the ferry. In The Bahamas mon, they make do and much is not as we’re used to in the States. The ferry made one attempt then tried a second spot; a carved out section in the rocks where it could nose in and drop the ramp at a rock ledge. Gotta hand it to these guys; they make it happen.

Ferry attempt #1

This ferry gets it right

Thanks to the wind blowin’ 22kts we found ourselves boat bound Monday;  what better time than to work on the dinghy chaps, again! How many times have I heard “this is the last time” ???  Right. Well this time we had the solution and amazingly the materials to pull it off- oh not really pull it off, rather, make it stick.  Russ figured we’d better solve the problem before George Town where we’d likely have long rides in.

Cool weather means baking time and once my part of the chap project was done I whipped up a sour cream coffee cake using the very expensive organic sour cream I bought in Nassau.

Tuesday morning brought in a cargo ship/ferry to the rocky landing spot; not sure if food was delivered or not. The wind continued to deliver though but at least it was a manageable 14kts and the ride in was fine. A stop at Lorraine’s for our wi-fi fix and a chat with our anchorage neighbors, Anne and Harv on Camelot, a Victory 35. They’ve been at this FT cruiser life since 1996 and with 22 grandkids (most back in WI) Anne is ready for a change. The letters after her name on their boat card are “FM, CCBW”. Took me a minute to figure out they meant, First Mate, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! Wish I’d thought of that one; a bit of cruiser humor is a nice touch.

Dinner was out at Deshamon’s, a very pretty place with a covered porch dining area in front and a small inner space followed by a small bar and kitchen in back.  Sausage pizza was the affordable choice- when we hit George Town the first stop will be to deplete the ATM, then Exuma Markets… followed by the liquor store and finally a dive/sport fish shop for an Hawaiian sling- lobsters mon. Diane, along with her co-owner and husband, Simon whose rum punch drinks were coconutty delicious, tipped us off on how we can get the fresh catch of the day on Wed.

Wednesday dawned beautifully and the kind of day we love at anchorage. Lots of sun to make solar power and barely any wind. Many boats departed for Little Farmer’s Cay to stage for a shorter run down to George Town, but we opted to go bright and early Thursday with the hope of some wind to at least motor sail.

We waited and watched the dock all day, until finally the very small fishing skiff came in and Russ zoomed over to see what he could purchase. 15 mins later he was back with dinner- 2 beautiful lobster tails- cut off from the body and cleaned in seconds. No claws on Caribbean lobsters you may recall. We ate one with our pizza leftovers and froze the larger one for a surf and turf meal in George Town.

Russ scores two tails!

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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