A Day in Beaufort, SC

Did you think “Bew-fort” when you read the title? Be honest, or did you think “Bow-fort”? Extra points if you got it right and thought “bew-fort”.  A very short travel day in order to provision, fill a propane tank and stock up at Bill’s Liquor Store- hey it’s right next door to Grayco hardware where they do a great job with filling tanks at a great price. This was accomplished via taxi; one of those rare times we need to use one. Weather being perfect, we used the anchorage near the marina. Filled the diesel tanks, pumped out the holding tank and filled up the water tanks; no point in neglecting the marina completely.

No neglecting of the sun gods either; the high on Monday was 74 and mostly sunny. I snuck in a short stint on the tramps for the free Vitamin D. After a short and fun show of Anchoring Antics by m/v LoriAnn, we dinghied into town for window shopping, a swing on one of the terrific porch swings along the waterfront and dinner at Panini’s. Delicious food and we took home enough for dinner the next night. Add a salad and poof- my job is done!


Been keeping an eye on leaky sail drives- what? We’re back to this problem again? Looks like that might be the case.
Contacting our friends at Yanmar. Will we end up at Marathon Marina again for repairs?

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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