Year 2: weather, weather be our friend

Looking out past the Atlantic Highlands toward Sandy Hook

Today, as I write this post we are waiting for weather. For the most part we’ve traveled in good weather, managing to miss the ugly. We are sitting on a mooring in Atlantic Highlands, NJ (a few miles in from Sandy Hook) behind a breakwater. Arrived 5pm Friday after pounding through some nasty water in The Lower Bay (waters south of The Verranzano Bridge toward Sandy Hook), an eight mile stretch that leads to Sandy Hook Bay.

Our trip so far in brief:

Tues 10/11 Day One: departed that sticky dock around 2:30, making record time down the CT River. Enjoyed a nice sail all the way to Westbrook- a total of 16nm for the day! Yes folks, that was it. All we had planned, so as to get a jump on getting to Oyster Bay, NJ.

Wed 10/12 Day Two: hung out at the marina as planned, the wind forecast more than we cared to be anchored in that night. Why not use the free nights we have on our Brewer’s Card?

Thurs 10/13 Day Three: Our wait was rewarded by a great sail west down LIS, averaging over 8 kts with a brief visit to 14 kts in 20kts wind.  Oyster Bay Harbor was calm and quiet. Along the way in we spotted a number of stakes with small triangular flags near the top. Approximately 200 yds apart, they were not floats, but stuck in the bottom. Our first thought was that they marked a danger area, but I decided perhaps they marked oyster beds; weren’t we in OYSTER Bay?

Oyster dragger in guess where?

Fri 10/14 Day Four: well- I just lost everything I typed for this day – so if you think I am going to re-type it.. ok you are partially right. Here’s the key words for the day and you can let your imaginations fill in the blanks. Oyster Dragger, Sail, LIS wavelets, through The Gate, breaks of sun, windy in Lower Bay, pounding, T-storms ,crossing channel, avoid big container, AHYC, mooring, cocktail hour, Captain Ron.  Some photos to help your imagination…

Photo of chart showing Hell Gate and the site of the Quidditch World Cup (upper right)

Hail me a taxi- either blue or yellow is fine!

Sunset over New Jersey

Saturday is another day and another story to share of high winds and tattered sails…..

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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