Lovin’ em!

Quidditch Game at Green Mtn College

As our departure date draws near, I thought I’d share those things that we love and that make our life easier and more enjoyable. We’re talking about the little things, not the big stuff; that requires a longer post perhaps a two part-er!

In no special order then:  visiting our son at college is always tops on our list!

  • my Nook– easy to carry and read anywhere. Takes up a teeny bit of space, weighs next to nothing and takes the place of the tons of books I expect to read over the years. mucho thanks to the terrific group who gave such a thoughtful gift!
  • Green Mtn Coffee – a special love for Russ. He can order all his favorites on-line at decent prices and we stay well stocked with K-cups all summer long. October to May is a different story and except for the rare instance, we resort to paying through the nose for the smaller boxes at the grocery store.
  • Active Captain –  an interactive cruising guide that interfaces with Navimatics Charts & Tides to create our most-used  iPhone app when cruising. Tons of current – that’s the “active” part – info about- well you name it; marinas, bridges, anchorages, problem areas, and more, provided by Captains (some Admirals too no doubt) who add reviews and new info by the boatload.
  • Talenti – provides our gelato fix. Double Dark Chocolate is our favorite. We’ve tried a few other flavors but don’t find them to have the same great depth of flavor as the dark chocolate.  While a tiny budget buster at over $4/pint, one does need a few indulgences. We are not into suffering and would rather save $ by anchoring out vs paying dockage rather than give up chocolate!
  • ChocoVin  – chocolate wine- yum. Introduced to this surprisingly tasty blend by sv Sanuk in Vero Beach.
  • Amazon and Drugstore.com– when we searched locally and on-line for that one part needed to move ahead on a project, 9 times out of 10, Amazon had it when on one else did. Saved us many a time. Russ munches on protein bars between meals and we go through boxes quickly. Drugstore.com meets that need We recently found a top rated TP- Scott Rapid-Dissolving (for boats & RVs) for $4/4pk a better product for much less than other similar ones.
  • Defender– we are blessed to be within a 25 min drive of Defender in Waterford, CT and the highway is well worn after a summer of numerous trips- leaving soon will cut off the regular contributions. Not that we don’t occasionally order once we head off.

I’m sure to be missing a few and when they come to mind I’ll have material to entertain you another time!

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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