Fowl Weather Days

Swan and goslings

Come along now, practice looking pretty.

Ducks, swans, cormorants and delightful swifts entertain us daily and we are joyful that the lazy days of summer have fully blossomed. The moon has followed suit, rising each night lately by 8:45 with a golden full moon off our stern on July 14.  We saw fireflies…- how often does one spot those tiny flickering dots of “oh to be a kid again” light? We’d walked into town (my idea ) for ice cream and the return trip had us oo-ing and ah-ing as we spied a plethora of Photinus dancing in the bushes about 4 ft from the sidewalk- the perfect firefly hangout and party zone!

Life is good at home base. The only reason the lines are not becoming an integral part of the dock is that a couple weeks ago we turned around so that the “other side” could be waxed. Our pre-arrival visions of completing projects before enjoying the fun stuff have been clouded over with more stuff to work on and the upcoming annual haul-out.

So, perhaps you are thinking- “well, they will get to move the boat over the water, farther than the fuel dock!” True. Already determined the tide will be against us and in my mind this allows for beautiful weather because that would only be fair. Will be our first logistical nightmare of living on the hard; suffice to say we’re “dealing with it” except for Benj who, always up for an adventure, finds the positive aspects. Stay tuned for updates soon.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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