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dinghy chap patterning

Marking the pattern for dinghy chaps

Vero Beach March 14 – March 21
Almost as good as our first stay, but not quite as sticky and many fewer boats. We missed our old raft-up group; just not the same without Chris and Tom on Polar Pacer. They are headed to Cuba right about now. Sanuk popped in for several days and we did the “get together on the big cat” thing a few nights. The wi-fi was great and we used it heavily.
We stayed a week for a few reasons. One, to work on making our dinghy chaps; two, to celebrate Russ’s birthday, and three, not in a hurry… yet.
The short version of the not exciting parts of our stay is thus: laundry, myriad small boat projects, tax return struggles, returned old chartplotter, finished up the zipper cover strips for the side strataglass panels, created pattern for dinghy chaps and cut the fabric and spent hours on printing, printing again and signing the various documents for the house closing on April 4. A bus trip was needed for our pre-departure provisioning, a stop at the UPS store, Fedex dropoff box to return documents and last but not least a haircut for Russ.
If it sounds like we did not have much play time, you are right. We met some cruisers and exchanged info and stories. We gave a boat tour to one couple, currently on a 36′ PDQ Catamaran , who are looking around for a replacement. Celebrated Russ’s birthday Sunday with grilled lobster tails; they were delicious! Also walked to the beach and enjoyed a drink and conch fritters at Waldo’s; a must visit for birthdays and any time we want a beach bar experience.
Monday at 7:30 we bid farewell to mooring #22 – loved this ball- it was closest to the dinghy dock and we could see all that was happening around us.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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