Panther Key- the 10,000 Islands, FL

panther key

Panther Key- a low spot behind the beach

No surprise; the forecast did not hold true enough and we mostly had to motor sail to Panther Key, our first stop after FMB. The trip was never boring though as we must have used every possible combination of the three sails and two engines. The last hour and a half was pure sails once we turned East around the Romano shoals toward Panther Key. Part of the 10,000 Islands  along Florida’s southern west coast, Panther Key is large enough to offer wind and wave protection and it has an interesting white sandy beach.
We planned to spend the day Friday; believing the forecast of a not ideal sailing day. With our luck it probably was good, but we enjoyed a great day anchored right off the beach. The local dolphins provided much entertainment as they fed and played about.  I had the excellent luck to snap a pic of the one high in the air jump performed about 120 feet away in calm water.

dolphin jump

Dolphin training... us to use our camera!

Saw an official looking center console-style boat come in close to the beach, toss out a throw net, check the contents, then toss it back in. The man was dressed in a white haz-mat outfit and we decided his actions must be oil spill related. In our three weeks on the west coast, we never saw any sign of oil. Thank goodness.
Haven’t had any problems with no-see-ums or other insects- much. Russ gets bit by some insect (mosquito?)- or so he claims and then has even more itchy bites for days. poor thing.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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