Merry Christmas to All

Benj in Mangrove Tunnel

The Mangrove Tunnel: enter if you dare

From Russ:

We had a fantastic Christmas morning & Santa even found his way thru our open hatch!  A noontime check of the weather forecast found tomorrow’s “possible showers” had turned into possible showers with gusts to 35 knots!  We made a hasty departure from Angelfish Creek with the table still full of Christmas presents.
While the creek is protected, its proximity to Card Sound and Hawk Channel makes for a confusing mixture of current and wind when the winds exceed 12kts. Given that and our somewhat confined mangrove lined space, we decided to move. Often, you don’t know what might have resulted from keeping the status quo, but in our case we really would have liked to know, “what if we’d stayed?”

20 miles away we found a more protected anchorage at Tarpon Basin.  Benj & I found a great mangrove creek (mentioned on the Active Captain website) which led thru a 1/2 mile long tunnel of mangroves. It was extremely awesome and a great find.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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