Continuing Towards Cape May, NJ

The weather has been mostly good, so we’ve been moving right along. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware & down to Cape May, NJ.  Once there, we’ll wait for a good offshore weather window to travel the 115 miles offshore to NYC – sometimes it’s the next day, sometimes we’ve had to wait a week.

In the narrow canal prior to Norfolk, you never know what you’ll run into. This barge looked to be full of squares of scrap metal. They took up most of the channel, so they have “spotters” on the bow for an up-close view near boats & bridges.
In Norfolk among the dozens of battleships & other naval vessels, this one was a little unusual. What the heck is behind those overhead doors? As we veered closer for a better look, a naval patrol boat zoomed towards us – never mind!

Our most notable stop was in Solomons, Maryland to visit cruising friends Mike & Ann who conveniently live in a condo – on the water – with a dinghy dock!  It was great to catch up, complete with a fantastic dinner, “taxi” & laundry services made it our best stop this trip north!


Modern navigation can almost appear to be a video game. While we have an older built-in chartplotter system, we mostly navigate with an iPad mounted near the helm with Navionics Charting app. Believe it or not, it will “auto-route” your day’s trip, much like Google Maps in your car.  While, of course, we never depend on it exclusively, we have found it extremely accurate!  Last year I also hooked up an AIS receiver which transmits other vessel positions who have AIS transmitters (almost 1/2 of boats & all ships) so they show right on your screen (especially helpful at night or in the fog).  Large ships have a larger icon. An icon turns red when you are on a possible collision course with them (as deemed by your settings) .  The line in front of each vessel lets you know their direction & speed – they will be at the end of their little line in 6 minutes. The most difficult part is to constantly remember that only about 1/2 of the vessels are shown! All features can be programed to your requirements & comfort levels.  Pretty cool!

Within a week or so we expect to arrive in Connecticut.  We hear on the news that COVID is now over & no more masks??  Did anyone check with Dr. Fauci 🙂 ??

In any case, we’re looking forward to a great spring with family & friends in Connecticut, then head up to Maine so we can eat too much lobster!

North Thru Georgia & the Carolinas

Fully vaccinated, it was finally time to leave Florida to begin our trek north. We’re looking forward to having a little more fun after this long COVID nightmare!

The “wild” horses on Cumberland Island, Georgia looking pretty tranquil

Always a surprise to see an American Cruise Line ship passing by on the ICW. Although micro-sized at “only” 194′ long with 100 passengers, the waterway isn’t always spacious or deep in many spots. There are many areas WE avoid at low tide & we only draw 3′!

You’ve heard of Georgia mud? This is a Georgia reed dam against the bow of our boat after being anchored overnite. Took over 15 minutes to get our anchor chain & bridle clear.

Yeah! Got Lori on a bike while on Jekyll Island. Extremely scenic & flat!

One morning at 6:41, captured both the moon setting & turned around for the sun rising.

Photo bombed! While stepping back to photograph our first almost indoor dining in 1 1/2 years, our waiter Marques casually cruised right in! Joseph’s Italian Bistro in Southport, NC, is our favorite Italian restaurant and Marques always makes it fun & memorable!

Lori is still busy with her Etsy Shop jewelry creations, even if getting them shipped out sometimes requires long walks to a postal box. Check her out her latest at: Lori’s Etsy Shop Craft MadeIn

Rewarded with back-to-back donuts! Britts Donut Shop on the boardwalk at Carolina Beach, NC is often rated in the top 5 of all donut shops in the U.S. For 82 years, serving only one variety of donut (glazed, with a slight crisp). We even adjusted our schedule, skipping Charleston, just to make Carolina Beach on a weekend when they’d be open.

Wanting to support ALL donut shops, we continued walking to Wake & Bake Donuts just past the Post Office – how convenient!

A beautiful sunset the night before we depart Carolina Beach for  just one more stop in North Carolina at the little town of Belhaven.  We’d really, really like to stop at our two favorite Belhaven restaurants, Spoon River and The Tavern at Jack’s Neck, but the timing may not work out.  While COVID restriction have been lifted, we’ve learned they can’t get enough staff to work to fully open – a huge problem everywhere from what we’re seeing up the east coast.

Thunderstorms every few days are also ruling our travels, especially in North Carolina. In the coming days, we’ll push thru to Virginia, passing thru Norfolk & then head up the Chesapeake Bay.  Our rough plan is arriving in to Connecticut around the first week of June.